TWIN 65Y Lathe


tornio twin 65yHousing twin spindles turning on 10 axes complete with a loading bar for the automatic loading and unloading of parts. This machinery works with the innovative concept of "working areas". It is equipped with integrated electrospindles on the main spindle and a servo turret with 12 bearings. The accuracy of the repositioning, the reduced activation times of 0.1 seconds, the acceleration of 1g, and the fast repositioning of 30m/nim allow you to achieve unparalleled performance for complex machining from the task bar. The CN management of the Y axis combined with the B axis, through a microprocessor control Siemens 840D, allows for the execution of oblique holes and complex milling contours.

Drive shafts for electric pumps

alberi elettropompe

Meva has specialized in the production of drive shafts for electric pumps.

Drive shafts for electric motors

alberi motori elettrici

The drive shafts produced by Meva are inserted in large-sized engines.


Drive shafts for submersible motors

alberi moto somm

The manufacturers of submersible motors are turning to Meva for the supply of steel shafts.  Read more...

Drive shafts for other uses

alberi app spec

Special uses for systems in wind energy production and much more.

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The ISO 9002:1994 quality certification was obtained from 1998 onwards. Since 2010, the company operates in accordance with the required norms of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, now updated to 9001:2015.



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