The rolling process consists of a cold deformation known as cold working. The artifact is stressed beyond its elastic limit with a modification of the crystalline structure to a fiber structure that follows the profile of the rolled section. The absence of the crystalline incoherence ensures a high resistance to breakage.


The applications are aimed at obtaining gear shafts for submersible motors, for endless screws, for transmission shafts, and specific implementations for the transmission of power.


The advantages of the process lead to an improvement of the surface roughness with a drastic reduction in the friction between sliding surfaces also benefiting the noise in the transmission. The plastic deformation also involves the hardening of the worked surfaces with the work piece's reduction of wear.


The modern hydraulic CN rolling ensures maximum accuracy and dimensional reproducibility. Low roughness and low friction are synonymous with superior efficiency and durability of the transmission.

Drive shafts for electric pumps

alberi elettropompe

Meva has specialized in the production of drive shafts for electric pumps.

Drive shafts for electric motors

alberi motori elettrici

The drive shafts produced by Meva are inserted in large-sized engines.


Drive shafts for submersible motors

alberi moto somm

The manufacturers of submersible motors are turning to Meva for the supply of steel shafts.  Read more...

Drive shafts for other uses

alberi app spec

Special uses for systems in wind energy production and much more.

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The ISO 9002:1994 quality certification was obtained from 1998 onwards. Since 2010, the company operates in accordance with the required norms of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, now updated to 9001:2015.



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